August 12, 2022

What does it mean to be bullish or bearish in crypto?

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When talking about markets, both mainstream and crypto, “bullish” and “bearish” often come up in headlines and conversation, although such usage typically depends on financial knowledge and experience. What do the two terms mean?

Bullish and bearish refer to market sentiment, seen collectively or expressed by an individual. If someone is bullish, it means they expect an asset or asset class to rise in price. Conversely, bearish refers to negative price expectations. Someone holding a bullish lean is sometimes called a “bull,” or “bulls” if a group or faction of the market is bullish. Therefore, “bears” anticipate falling asset values.

Why use bulls and bears as the animals of choice for such terminology? The answer possibly lies in the way the two animals attack their prey. Bulls attack in an upward fashion, driving their horns up through their target. Bears, on the other hand, start high and attack downward with their weight and arms.

This explanation of the terminology’s roots, however, is just one possibility, according to Investopedia. “The actual origins of these expressions are unclear.” The verbiage may also stem from bearskin dealings long agoTitle: What does it mean to be bullish or bearish in crypto?
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