August 13, 2022

The United Arab Emirates chase crypto and blockchain adoption

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For a long time, the United Arab Emirates has been one of the most progressive crypto countries in the world. For example, government-owned licensing firm Kiklabb allows clients to pay for their visa and trade license fees via various digital assets to the Dubai Financial Services Authority, which announced its decision to work on a holistic crypto regulatory framework as part of its 2021 business plan.

In fact, as a result of Dubai’s crypto-friendly policies, Ripple, a firm that has recently been in murky waters with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, announced its decision to open an office in the region. Furthermore, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are reportedly working on a joint central bank digital currency research initiative that has been dubbed “Project Aber.”

Commenting on why the UAE is fast becoming the destination of choice for some crypto/blockchain startups, Mazdak Rafaty, managing partner for Ludwar International Consulting FZC, told Cointelegraph:

“If you ask anyone from the tech and startup sector anywhere in the world about the speed of regulations of the authorities, you will get the same answer: ‘It could definitely be faster.’Title: The United Arab Emirates chase crypto and blockchain adoption
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