November 29, 2021

SushiSwap launches V1 of long-awaited Kashi release

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Decentralized exchange SushiSwap has announced the “rolling release” of Kashi, a specialized lending platform specifically designed for margin trading on the exchange, and BentoBox, a dual-purpose yield vault.

Kashi aims to let traders borrow assets for creating leveraged long and short positions, similarly to other lending platforms like Compound or Aave, and BentoBox will enable users to earn interest from farming liquidity pools while simultaneously using the same tokens to contribute to lending pools. 

According to SushiSwap CTO Joseph Delong, SushiSwap’s Kashi aims to be more specialized than other lending protocols, allowing a wider selection of assets available for borrowing. It does so by isolating risk between individual lending pairs, meaning that a collapse in value of one particular asset will not affect all the positions on the platform. While on other lending platforms, users depositing an asset can use it as collateral to borrow any asset listed, Kashi uses specific lending pairs. A user depositing Ether (ETH) into a vault with Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) will only be able to borrow WBTC, not other assets.

“Kashi is an isolated lending pair market. TheTitle: SushiSwap launches V1 of long-awaited Kashi release
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Published Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2021 13:00:28 +0000