August 12, 2022

Reno to digitize Burning Man ‘Space Whale’ as NFT on Tezos blockchain

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Reno, the closest major city to the famous art festival Burning Man, is developing its own decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, and a token in partnership with Tezos.

Mayor Hillary Schieve announced the city’s plans to create the Reno DAO in a Thursday Tez Talks podcast hosted by the Tezos Commons Foundation.

The city will build its Reno DAO and Reno Coin on top of the Tezos blockchain network in order to monetize art objects and pieces as well as further explore the potential benefits of blockchain and crypto to solve some of its biggest pain points, Schieve said.

As part of the plan, the city also plans to digitize Burning Man artwork in the form of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. According to Schieve, the city of Reno will create its first NFT for Burning Man’s Space Whale sculpture, a major festival artwork located in Reno. The mayor said that turning the artwork into an NFT would help the city monetize and support local art and serve as a starting point for the mainstream adoption of crypto:

“It’s gonna take a long time to adopt, we know that […] But eventually, this will end up being mainstream, where citizens will get it, and I think you also have Title: Reno to digitize Burning Man ‘Space Whale’ as NFT on Tezos blockchain
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