August 20, 2022

Private finance emerges as crypto’s next major growth catalyst

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Long gone are cryptocurrency’s days as an obscure hub for experimental ventures in cryptography. 2020 marked a seminal year for the space, with cryptocurrencies taking major strides into the mainstream as governments, supranational organizations and corporate entities alike made significant entrances into an industry they collectively call the “digital asset space.” 

As per centralized authorities’ choice, cryptography and its primary feature, privacy, have been relegated from the front-and-center role they once played as cryptocurrency’s main attractions. In their place, a breadth of ever-more enticing DeFi applications has taken the limelight on the back of enhanced liquidity, yield farming and unprecedented economic models.

DeFi is a game-changer

In 2021’s opening act, the trendlines have only advanced further. The DeFi umbrella has expanded convincingly over the landscape of cryptocurrency, attracting investors and enthusiasts whose preferences speak for themselves: DeFi’s double-digit APRs and seamless user experience are simply more enticing than the subtle, systemic benefits conferred by a privacy-centric exchange.

And who can blame the users —Title: Private finance emerges as crypto’s next major growth catalyst
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Published Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 13:24:04 +0000