August 12, 2022

Jamaica’s central bank taps Irish tech outfit for CBDC project

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Jamaica is the latest country making concrete efforts towards issuing its own sovereign digital currency.

According to a press release by the Bank of Jamaica on Tuesday, eCurrency Mint, a cryptography security company specializing in central bank digital currency issuance has been selected as the technology provider for the sovereign digital currency project.

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, Jamaica’s central bank invited technology solution providers to submit applications for its CBDC project back in July 2020. At the time, the BoJ clarified that its planned sovereign digital currency would not be based on crypto technology.

Based in Ireland, eCurrency Mint is reportedly working with central banks and other international finance organizations to develop protocols for CBDC design and implementation.

As part of the announcement, Jamaica’s central bank revealed that the CBDC pilot will commence in May under the aegis of the BoJ’s Fintech Regulatory Sandbox. ECurrency Mint will support the central bank in testing protocols during the pilot stage scheduled to be completed by December.

The Ireland-based tech outfit will also serve as Jamaica’s CBDCTitle: Jamaica’s central bank taps Irish tech outfit for CBDC project
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