August 9, 2022

Couple gets married on Ethereum blockchain for $587 in transaction fees

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Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky, employees of leading U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase, have revealed how they used Ethereum’s blockchain to become lawfully wedded.

On April 3, Rose posted to Twitter to announce the pair had tied the knot on March 14 in both the physical and virtual words.

Most people get married in a place of religious worship, on a beach, or in the mountains. Peter (@_iphelix) and I are NOT most people. We got married on the #blockchain. 1/7

— Rebecca Rose (@rgoldilox) April 2, 2021

In addition to a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, Kacherginsky wrote an Ethereum smart contract named Tabaat that issued tokenized “rings” NFTs in the form of TBT tokens to the couples wallets. Tabaat is the Hebrew word for ring.

Kacherginsky created the 2,218 line-long smart contract on March 10, with the contract costing 0.25 ETH to create — worth roughly $450 at the time. An hour after the contract was created, three more transactions were sent from Tabaat for an additional cost of 0.0048 ETH or $87 — suggesting it costs around $537 to tokenize a marriage contract.

The ceremony itself consisted of two transactions —Title: Couple gets married on Ethereum blockchain for $587 in transaction fees
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