August 9, 2022

Bobby Lee standing by prediction for massive BTC peak in December

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Crypto expert Bobby Lee’s early predictions on the price of Bitcoin have proven to be quite accurate during the latest bull run.

In a tweet from December 2018, the Ballet crypto wallet CEO and founder said that the next Bitcoin (BTC) rally would start in late 2020, take off in early 2021, and follow with a peak in December. The recent bull run which started last year has seen the price of the crypto asset pass its previous all-time high price of $20,000 in December and $30,000 the following month.

“Back [in 2018], Bitcoin was under $10,000 — no one was talking about it,” Lee told Cointelegraph. “People who weren’t drinking the Kool-Aid were thinking I was crazy to even make a prediction two years out that’s so specific.”

Lee did tone down his 2018 prediction of a $333,000 BTC peak by December, but still said the Bitcoin price was likely to leave the current one, roughly $52,000, in the dust:

“I think it’ll go up at least another 4-5 times, so it’ll hit $200,000-$250,000 this year.”

He said that the most recent price movement was likely due to the news of institutional investors like Tesla getting into crypto, and many in the ecosystem believing the SEC willTitle: Bobby Lee standing by prediction for massive BTC peak in December
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Published Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 21:30:00 +0000