August 12, 2022

Bitcoin is a ‘masterpiece of monetary engineering’ Michael Saylor tells Austin Davis

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The financial and economic narratives surrounding Bitcoin (BTC) barely scratch the surface of what makes the digital asset so unique, according to Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy. 

In an exclusive interview with Austin Davis for Cointelegraph, Saylor calls Bitcoin “a masterpiece of monetary engineering,” and one that will likely go down in history as the world’s “first engineered monetary network.”

“Once you understand money is monetary energy and you understand Bitcoin is a monetary energy network, then you start to appreciate the fact that it either does or does not respect the laws of thermodynamics. If it doesn’t, it means it has a leak.”

That “leak,” Saylor says, is inflation, something Bitcoin has been mathematically designed to resist.  

Saylor gave the interview in front of his now-famous 17th century Spanish Galleon, which was intricately crafted in the 19th century. Saylor described the model as a “work of art,” and one that provides him with added motivation. The fact that such vessels transported gold across the ocean in days of yore is certainly not lost on him.

Bitcoin has become an $850 billion asset following its latest price surge, butTitle: Bitcoin is a ‘masterpiece of monetary engineering’ Michael Saylor tells Austin Davis
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