July 24, 2021

Bitcoin ‘better than gold’ if you study it, fund manager tells mainstream media

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Bitcoin (BTC) is superior to gold if investors take the time to study it, says hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci.

In an interview with CNBC on March 18, Scaramucci, who is CEO of SkyBridge Capital, reinforced his belief in Bitcoin for mainstream audiences.

Scaramucci on Bitcoin vs. gold: “The world is changing”

With Bitcoin surging in 2021, questions continue to be asked about whether the gains are coming at the expense of gold, which has failed to capitalize on risks associated with global government money printing.

Comparing the two assets, Scaramucci left little doubt as to his preference, arguing that gold may have been the choice for a store of value for 4,000 years, but nothing is forever.

“The world is changing — that’s the final record, Joe, the world is changing,” he told host Joe Kernen.

$1 invested in gold vs. Bitcoin over 11.4 years. Source: Woobull

The comments fly in the face of staunch gold bugs, notably Peter Schiff, who remains convinced that Bitcoin will fail, leaving gold as the sole choice to escape theTitle: Bitcoin ‘better than gold’ if you study it, fund manager tells mainstream media
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