September 28, 2021

All you can eat: SushiSwap deploys contracts on five new networks

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Major DeFi protocols are moving to cultivate a multi-chain decentralized finance ecosystem, with SushiSwap deploying its contracts on five networks, and Balancer announcing ports onto Moonbeam and Polkadot. 

On March 3, SushiSwap CTO, Joseph Delong, announced the DEX had deployed contracts on xDai, Moonbeam Network, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (previously called Matic), and Fantom. Delong noted Sushi is planning additional future deployments, including on Optimism. A Solana port is also under consideration.

While the CTO stated users can expect “relatively complete” experiences on Fantom and Binance as both networks currently “have good support for token lists,” the three other networks “will need some work” before Sushi’s full user experience will be available.

Delong also noted the industry-wide trend of “bridges and multichain deployments” as an interim solution while second-layer scaling solutions for Ethereum are still under development:

“These deployments are relatively simple to develop. The industry is currently trending towards bridges and multichain deployments as a middle step before L2 to mitigate high gas costs.”

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