August 11, 2022

A new era of content monetization? Blockchain tech can get you paid

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By doing so, they have helped regular people become known celebrities, many of whom now hold more influence than TV networks and print media outlets. The same can be said for music streaming services like Spotify and iTunes, which now allow musicians to skip record label deals and simply upload their songs directly to platforms through services like DistroKid and others.

While these are amazing feats, to say the least, the model still needs to be improved. According to Jack Cheng, co-founder of GazeTV — a blockchain-based social entertainment platform:

“Content creators don’t have many choices until they are famous or have a large following, and even then they can get deplatformed pretty easily. If you think back to the early days of YouTube, the platform did not make money. These days the platform makes money as part of a great data generating engine.”

The top content platforms keep aspiring creators in the dark when it comes to their compensation policies, which leads to frequent video demonetizations and has also led to many creators having their videos removed or being shadowbanned. Some have seen their channels completely deleted or entirely demonetized with no prior Title: A new era of content monetization? Blockchain tech can get you paid
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Published Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2021 19:34:00 +0100