August 13, 2022

Why The Middle Class Is Financially Ruined – AGAIN

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Thank you to Wealthfront for sponsoring this video! Open up a Wealthfront investment account today through my link and get your first $10,000 managed for free: – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan





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1. 45% are not invested in the stock market – AT ALL.
Even though stagnant wages, exorbitant housing costs, and high inflation are ABSOLUTELY a factor…at the end of the day, throughout most budgets, there’s also some level of “wasteful spending” that goes unnoticed. For example, one survey found that the average American wastes $1500 per month on non-essential purchases, and ANOTHER found that Millennials spend more money on coffee than they do on retirement.

2. 60% of workers DO NOT contribute to their employers retirement accounts.
For example, a 401K allows you an upfront tax deduction for everything you contribute – thereby lowering the taxes you pay. A Roth IRA allows you to pay taxes today, and then – get to keep 100% of the profit, without having to pay a dime of tax back to the IRS. Or, an HSA allows you to deduct contributions for medical related expenses – all of these are meant to keep more money in your pocket, long term.

3. “Men were more than twice as likely to say that they weren’t investing out of a fear that they would lose money.”
Even though NOTHING is guaranteed in the stock market, and losing money is almost ALWAYS going to happen at some point – the good news is that there ARE ways to ensure that you NEVER lose more than you can financially recover from, by recognizing that 40%+ drops are rare, diversification helps, and you should STAY OUT OF CASH.

I think it’s no surprise, at this point – every single year….the purchasing power of our money is losing value. So, the choice becomes…invest money in the stock market, which has ALWAYS been profitable over 20 years…or, hold on to cash and NOT invest…which, has ALWAYS been UNPROFITABLE over 20 years…

4. DEBT.
The FED recently surveyed and broke down the average American debt by category…and, among that, was a $5000 auto loan, a $2780 credit card balance, a $5730 student loan amount, and an additional $1490 for miscellaneous expanses that had yet to be paid off. By paying down debt, you’ll have more money to invest, long term.

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