February 27, 2021

Why I Bought Bitcoin

Lets discuss why I bought bitcoin and my overall philosophy on investing, passive income, and diversification - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan LIMITED TIME: Get 4 FREE STOCKS ON WEBULL when you deposit $100 (Valued up to $1400): https://act.webull.com/k/Vowbik9Tm5he/main…

Lets discuss why I bought bitcoin and my overall philosophy on investing, passive income, and diversification – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

A few points I want to mention:

I think it’s just a good trait to have to be open to criticism, hear people out, and be open to the idea of something new. I definitely wouldn’t be here today if I just closed myself off to new insights, or felt like “I knew it all” and didn’t need to do anything else…I think maintaining an open stance, hearing everyone out, and then forming your OWN OPINION will go a long way for everyone watching.

And finally…the last big take away from this is DIVERSIFICATION. This year has been a BIG change for me in my portfolio, as I’ve gone from 90% real estate…to real estate, stocks, bonds, cash, angel investments, multiple YouTube channels, and now a few side hustles. I’m trying not to spread myself too thin, BUT – I believe the more you invest around, the more consistent and stable your money can grow.

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