May 17, 2022

Why 40% of Millennials Are About to Quit Their Jobs

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To start, lets talk about THE GREAT RESIGNATION, while nearly 40% of Americans are thinking about QUITTING their jobs, with “I QUIT” now being called a sign of an economic recovery.

First, one of the most SELF EXPLANATORY reasons people are quitting: They want to work from home.
The reality is, many employees got USED to working remotely, not having a commute, and being able to focus on their work without any office distraction – and that’s something they want the option of keeping. In fact, it was found that “ One in 4 pandemic home buyers would choose to stay at their new home and find a new job if required to return to the office.”

Second, Employees are looking for LESS WORK.
During the last year, as some businesses downsized their staff…that increased workload fell on fewer employees who had to pick up the slack. All of a sudden, one person was doing the work for two – and the expectation was, at least you’re fortunate enough to have a job in the first place…but NOW, the turns have tabled.

Third, people are quitting because they value CAREER GROWTH.
It was found that “80% of those thinking of leaving a job are concerned about career growth, and nearly 75% say the pandemic made them rethink their skill sets.” It was even said that “High-performing workers are the most concerned about career advancement in their current jobs, and they no longer feel geographically tied to local employers in a remote world.”

Fourth, employees are also quitting because they’re getting BETTER OFFERS with HIGHER PAY.
Workers who stay loyal to the same job make, on average, 50% LESS than someone who switches jobs every 2-3 years. That’s because workers who switch jobs are able to negotiate better terms with an increased pay…and now, during a worker SHORTAGE, the EMPLOYEE has more leverage in terms of who they pick to work with.

And fifth – companies are flat out getting more competitive.
The unemployment boost also has a second benefit for employees – it gives them the LUXURY of shopping around, taking their time, and waiting for the best career opportunity instead of snatching up the first offer they get. That’s leading EMPLOYERS to become more competitive, offer higher pay, with better working conditions, sometimes from home – and, employees are the ones who get to benefit.

Workers realized that they can get just as much done from home, IF NOT MORE, while saving time on commuting, spending more time with friends and family, AND saving money in the process…and, companies are taking notice. To attract top talent, businesses should be bending over backwards to make their employees happy – and, if they’re not – right now, there are plenty of others willing to give them what they want.

This is being referred to “The Great Reshuffling,” as people switch careers, employers, and locations, finding work they value much more – and, in the long run, I think this is a GOOD THING. Employers should be able to retain better quality employees…employees will get better working conditions and higher pay…not to mention, maybe a better work-life balance.

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