October 28, 2021

WARNING: The Great Reset Of 2021 Explained

Lets talk about The Great Reset of 2021, exactly what it is, what this means for you, and the impact it has on our economy and how you invest your money. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan ENDING SOON: Get…

Lets talk about The Great Reset of 2021, exactly what it is, what this means for you, and the impact it has on our economy and how you invest your money. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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The Great Reset was proposed by the members of what’s known as “The World Economic Forum.” They’re a non profit organization who’s main purpose is to connect innovative thinkers and world leaders together, in one place, for the unified goal of making the world a better place that runs more efficiently. They talk about world problems, issues we’re facing, and social unjust…and then, they work on solutions to fix whatever needs to be done.

This “illness” has fundamentally changed the way we go about our day to day lives, it’s shifted demand towards nearly everything becoming digitalized, it’s halted the restaurant and hospitality industry, and the divide between the rich and poor has continued to grow further and further apart.

That caused a LARGE portion of our population to be “left out,” suddenly lose their job, and then be unable to return back to work…and it also caused OTHR people to grow their business to such extreme levels that never would’ve been possible without a stay at home order in effect. So, instead of a gradual shift that allows people time to adapt and evolve…this change was just thrown on us, and that’s bound to create some social challenges.

Well, the “great reset” is a term that calls for CHANGE to current rules and policies that would put PEOPLE FIRST, BUSINESS SECOND…and a few of their priorities include placing a bigger focus on education, re-allocating government funding to more sustainable development and green energy, and placing restrictions on companies that take bailout money from the government.

Their thought is that – if we’re going to be creating a trillion dollar stimulus – we may as well use that money to better our future and creating a more sustainable environment. We may as well use this as an opportunity to address all of our problems, and find a solution NOW rather than wait for them to get worse.

I think the INTENTIONS are good…but, besides saying that “we need to work together and provide solutions to problems” the “great reset” turned into more like “the great confusion that’s unlikely to ever happen.”

So, instead of focusing ANY more time on the great reset…here’s “The Great Solution” that I think we should all implement right now:

First, learn to take initiative.
If there’s something you want, you have the power to begin working towards it immediately. By watching this video, you already have access to the internet…and nearly everything you need to know is at your fingertips between google and YouTube, pretty much for free.

Second, we should all place a stronger emphasis on financial education.
I’m really happy that it’s finally becoming “cool” to save money, live below our means, and invest.

Third, we each should learn how to work for ourselves
Ultimately, relying on someone else for a paycheck isn’t always going to be sustainable…so, learning how to take matters into your own hands, when necessary, is going to be a helpful skill that ANYONE could use.

Fourth, be compassionate and kind to others
I know this one isn’t financial related AT ALL…but, it’s just common courtesy. You have no idea what people are going through behind the scenes, or the struggles they face day to day…so, be nice to everyone.

Fifth…continually learn from our past experiences.
You would be SHOCKED at how many people don’t learn from their mistakes, place the blame on someone else, and then continue making that same mistake because they’re convinced they aren’t doing anything wrong.

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