August 13, 2022

WARNING: The Biggest Wealth Transfer in History Is Coming

Lets talk about The Great Wealth Transfer, what this means for the economy, and why millennials are soon about to become the Wealthiest Generation - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan GET YOUR FREE STOCK WORTH UP TO $1000 ON…

Lets talk about The Great Wealth Transfer, what this means for the economy, and why millennials are soon about to become the Wealthiest Generation – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan






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On the surface, The Great Wealth Transfer refers to a VERY LARGE shift in money from Baby Boomers to Millennials…and, what makes this so significant is that there’s a LOT of money about to change hands.

According to the Federal Reserve, Americans age 70 and older had a total net worth of nearly $35 TRILLON DOLLARS. On top of that, older generations will hand down an estimated $61 TRILLION DOLLARS from 2018 to 2042, shaping the way our economy allocates its resources, and prompting the questions: what’s being inherited, will it last, how will it be taxed.

One: Millennials will soon become the wealthiest generation on record.
Eventually – their socially conscious ideologies will become more of a reality, and – in the process, we’re likely to continue moving towards tech, green energy, solar, social media, etc.

Two: Millennials are becoming Financially Savvy.
I think our generation has a much stronger grasp of risk, returns, diversification, and the importance of dollar-cost-averaging into index funds. On top of that, even though 40% of Millennials surveyed said they don’t trust others with their money – 64% said they trust established wealth management brands more than new players – meaning, there’s an even balance between people who want to do it themselves on WallStreetBets, and hire a financial advisor who tells them not to panic sell.

Three: Taxes are inevitable.
For inheritances above $11 million dollars…and, soon to be above $5.5 Million in 2026…40% goes to the IRS. Under that threshold – inherited investments are ONLY TAXED on the GAINS that have occurred AFTER that person’s tasing…meaning, someone could’ve invested $100,000 into Tesla when it was $20 per share…passed it on to their children at a market value of $5 million dollars…and, with a stepped up tax basis…that heir would only pay any tax on profits above $5 million dollars. Ultimately, this “Stepped Up Tax Basis Loophole” is something that is probably going to be eliminated at some point….but, just something to keep in mind.

Four: Economic Spending is going to increase.
This is, arguably, a great thing for the economy – because, when 50% of inherited wealth is spent – that’s a LOT more money getting sent back into circulation. We could see more real estate changing hands, more cars being bought and sold, more time spent on leisure activities and vacation, and – overall – that’s going to boost everything else alongside with it.

Five: New Opportunities Are Going To Present Themselves.
As one door closes, another opens – and, inevitably, investments and entrepreneurial ideas will come from a gradual shift in demand, trends, and macro changes. That could also mean that, when millennials prefer CASH over STOCKS – other, alternative investments could take precedent – like, even more Cryptocurrency.

So, overall…The Great Wealth Transfer IS going to have a significant impact on our entire economy over the next few decades…and, even if you don’t get that $11 million dollar trust fund…there will still be ever-changing opportunities that stem from more money being spent, moved, and built each and every year.

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