December 5, 2021

The Housing Market Is Under Attack | DO THIS NOW

Zillow and other Tech Firms are now racing to buy as much US real estate as they can, also called iBuyers - here's what this means, how it impacts the housing market, why stocks hit all time highs, and how…

Zillow and other Tech Firms are now racing to buy as much US real estate as they can, also called iBuyers – here’s what this means, how it impacts the housing market, why stocks hit all time highs, and how you can use this information to make money – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan






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“Zillow, Other Tech Firms Are in an ‘Arms Race’ To Buy Up American Homes.”

Vice reports that “the race is ON among tech firms to gobble up U.S. housing stock and dominate the increasingly competitive high-tech house-flipping market, otherwise known as the fast-growing “iBuyer” industry”…and, if you’re confused, here’s what you need to know:

Websites like Zillow, RedFin, Offerpad, and OpenDoor are doing ANYTHING they can to expand their marketshare and gain dominance as the go-to real estate mega-hub…and, to do that…they need inventory…at whatever cost it takes.

HOWEVER…the piece of information VERY few people talk about and acknowledge isn’t so much the LOSS of buying and selling a home on their platform…but, much they can charge for the DATA, knowing that a seller is eagerly trying to list their home.

It’s no surprise, Zillow generates a SIGNIFICANT amount of their revenue from advertising…and, now that they can better identify the sellers who are on the edge of their seat looking to sell…they can SELL that information to third parties…at a hefty cost.

The DOWNSIDE, for YOU – is that, beyond competition with every day buyers, investors, and pension funds…you could now be competing with iBuyers, who don’t mind overpaying because they’re funded by Venture Capital, and any loss THEY take is simply the cost of doing business. But, I have a feeling they’re not so much doing this to make money flipping homes – but, instead, pay the cost of gaining marketshare.

This also coincidences with The Hindenburg Omen, which is technical analysis that was designed to signal the increased probability of a stock market crash, by comparing the ratio of new 52-week highs against 52 week lows. HOWEVER…even though there has ALWAYS been a Hindenburg Omen before a crash, there has not ALWAYS been a crash after every Hindenburg Omen”…and, because of that…it’s only been accurate…25% of the time since 1987.

So, needless to say…it’s certainly NOT a reason to panic…BUT, if it makes you feel better investing near or at an all time high – just consider this:

Since 1950…the market has hit an all time high 7.5% of ALL TRADING DAYS…and, If we include the time the market spent within 1% of its all-time highs for the same time period, the market was at or near all-time highs 1 out of every 5 trading days.

In addition to that…from 1988 through 2020…investing cash at all-time highs paid higher returns for all 3 time periods when compared to investing on a random day…basically pointing at the fact that, it’s still better to be invested in the markets…than it is to be holding on to too much cash, waiting for the market to drop because The Hindenburg Omen surfaced on Yahoo Finance.

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