August 20, 2022

Robinhood Just Got Cancelled – Again

Visit to take your FREE Noom assessment and begin a seven day trial of Noom - Enjoy! Here's why Robinhood Order Flow could get banned, my thoughts on the new Cathie Wood ETF, and the issue of Social Security…

Visit to take your FREE Noom assessment and begin a seven day trial of Noom – Enjoy! Here’s why Robinhood Order Flow could get banned, my thoughts on the new Cathie Wood ETF, and the issue of Social Security – Add me on Instagram: GPStephan






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In terms of Payment For Order Flow…essentially, these High Frequency Traders pay ROBINHOOD for the right to take a peak at your trades RIGHT WHEN THEY COME IN…giving them a quick opportunity to buy your stock ahead of time, and then sell it back to you at for a small profit automatically.

Usually, this is an amount that isn’t EVER going to be noticed by you…in fact, Bloomberg estimated that this “profit” amounted to be an average of 0.0024 cents per share…although, here’s where some of the controversy begins: in 2005….the SEC passed the Regulation National Market System, requiring brokers to obtain the “best price for their clients.” In 2019, Robinhood was fined for “sending customer trading orders to four broker-dealers WITHOUT guaranteeing the best price.

Recently, Gary Gensler signaled that he was open to BANNING the practice of payment for order flow – which, would directly affect nearly every stock market brokerage out there…and, ultimately, the price you wind up paying for the stocks you buy and sell.

The Problem: The current system is paying out a LOT more money than it’s taking in…or, in other words, it’s losing MORE money because fewer people are in the workforce to fill it back up…and, at the current rate, social security will run out of funds to pay the full benefit by 2034.

As far as my own thoughts: expect that taxes will go up over the next 5 years, because they most likely will….and expect that you’ll receive NOTHING by the time you’re older. That way, if you get anything – it’s a bonus, but it’ll never be something to rely on – just incase something happens.

During a recent meeting, the Federal Reserve announced that they might begin to reduce their asset purchases by the end of the year, as they BEGIN to taper and let the economy run on its own. HOWEVER, they’ve made it clear that they won’t explicitly begin to raise rates until more progress is made, although this would begin to set the expectation that – it might be coming soon.

A recent report actually shows that, happiness does NOT plateau..and, in fact…you DO get happier, the more money you make. Even though $75,000 provides the greatest bang for the buck in terms of life satisfaction and well being…both factors continue increasing as you make more money…albeit to a slower degree.

It goes to show you that everything is in proportion to your own perspective, and for one person – earning $50,000 to $100,000 per year would bring the same increase in well-being as someone else going from $5 million to $10 million per year. The important part, here…is that we spend our money wisely, we stay true to ourselves, we enjoy what we do…and, at the end of the day…even though more money can open up new possibilities…that only goes so far before we each need to take matters into our own hands…and smash the like button for the YouTube algorithm.

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