August 12, 2022

Poll finds four in 10 Brits believe the stock market is as risky as crypto


A new poll carried out by Piplsay has found that 41% of Brits now believe there is an equal amount of risk to investing in cryptocurrencies as the stock market.

The survey of 6,070 British residents above the age of 18 suggests that adults based in the U.K. are starting to view cryptocurrency and the stock market on equal footing. That said, 45% of respondents still see crypto as the riskier of the two.

More than 40% of participants described cryptocurrency as being safe compared to 31% who did not, while the remaining 27% of respondents stated they were unsure as to the security of digital assets.

Nearly 30% of respondents cited the potential for hacking or fraudulent activities as their primary concern regarding crypto, while regulatory considerations also raised concerns for 26% of participants. Surprisingly, volatility was less of an issue, with only 19% sharing this concern.

Despite the growing interest in cryptocurrency, the majority of respondents said they are still more likely to stay away from crypto, with 57% of Brits stating they have no desire to invest.

Piplsay’s finding indicate that most Britons have low confidence in theirTitle: Poll finds four in 10 Brits believe the stock market is as risky as crypto
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