August 5, 2021

Passive Income: How To Escape The Rat Race & Make Money Online

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there was still two different types of people in this world those that follow the rules and those to challenge the norm for everyone that has ever felt like they make a little differently then this video is for you at school we’re told to work hard go to university get a good job and then and only then if we’re lucky retire at 65 with retirement pensions but what if there’s a way to escape this rat race to break free of the modification society has placed on us and live life on our own terms the self-evident answer to this is passive income money that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain but is there really a secret to open this holy grail is living the laptop life as good as it seems or is there a dark slope we never get to see and is this really an option for anyone in both countries or do you need a great deal of money initiated with that’s exactly what i’m going to be uncovering in this bout of the secret world of online millionaires hi guys it’s recognize so something that’s always fascinated me is the laptop life-style are there really people out there that have found the secret to doing millions merely by using the power of the laptop and the internet of course i make passive income myself nonetheless the laptop lifestyle is still somewhat of a mystery to me i have big-hearted stores that i ship all my products from so i can’t simply move country at a fell of a hat reservoir i have been able to but my staff wouldn’t be very happy about that or maybe they are able to so today i’ve arranged to speak to someone that started with zero dollars and have already had procreated over hundreds of thousands of in passive income from a laptop so i’m going to be asking her exactly how she did it so make sure you watch to the end of the video so you don’t miss anything if you like this type of video smash that like button to let me know all done right let’s devote her a announce hi katya how are you doing hey mark i’m doing good oh it’s all buffering give me a second so here we are in sunny mortar and we’re out of that buffering zone at last it’s so much better to meet someone in the flesh peculiarly the viral sell monarch katya how are you today i’m so good hi guys so should be used dive straight in let’s do it so katya i’ve got to ask you the question that i shouldn’t ask a lady first of all is what age are you but also and also this is a very sensitive subject how much money are you acquiring wow observe you are coming in strong this is the big guns um well i’m still in my 20 s and i started my business when i was only 23. Over the last few months we literally only overstepped a couple months ago making over a million dollars in digital marketings and the last few weeks uh specially we made about a hundred thousand dollars in passive income so if you were to break down some of that fund how many income streams would you say you actually have to bring that coin into you oh boy well let’s let’s break it down shall we so we have a product called the viral content template an organization permission for sell corporations a membership a guild from time to time 101 consulting speaking sometimes i get invited to speak on stages affiliate selling i will tell you this okay i don’t know how many there but the more income streams you have the easier it is to make money uh it’s just a fact so keeping with the numbers how long did it take you to get to that kind of 10 k rolling month i believe he was about a year into starting the business it was only three months after that i had my firstly 100 000 auctions month so let’s start right back at the beginning where you’re from and how did you begin to all this amazing journey so i’m originally from a small country in eastern europe bulgaria i never had my own office we had an outdoor bathroom that “youre supposed to” squatting down to to use nice i never knew what was really possible until i got into the online space until i got into social media and “ive met” people attaining millions and millions nowadays i live in a huge apartment i don’t have an office i wake up whenever i crave so what you’re telling me is you can live anywhere in the world as long as you’ve got an internet link and your laptop and you can make all this wonderful passive revenues and a beach for me because that’s a nonnegotiable but yes so how young can you actually start an online business well here i am thinking the beauty of nowadays is that uh i have seen 12 16 year olds originating billion dollars organizations precisely that’s just so do you have to be a techie and have immense tech skills to to make it with this online passive income i’ll be honest um on a flake of one to ten my tech knowledge are probably a four i say that the first maybe five to ten thousand dollars a month you might have to learn some tech skills yourself if you don’t have the money to invest we’re talking you don’t have no money to invest so yes you might have to learn and when you want to learn something i always find it so much easier to learn it you know when you’re at school and they’re learn you about things you don’t want to learn it’s like hitting a brick wall isn’t it but when you’re open to learning it’s so much easier utterly so katya what is your number one secret for structure all those passive income series that someone can start even from an early age so if you don’t have any money to start a business if you have no idea what business you can start with the least you can do is start using social media to share content that you are passionate about there’s two ways to catch a fish in an ocean number 1 you can cast a net and catch a lot of fishes that’s patrons clients you can go and cast a net and catch the money or you can be smart about it and you can work on creating your own beautiful coral reef garden that’s so beautiful and so entertaining or so supportive controversies merely want to come in and then you don’t have to cast a net so the more significance you accommodate the more fund you can impel so if we evaporate it down to your most successful digital product can you tell me all about that i woke up one day and came up with the idea of um this concoction at the time i was thinking i really want to create some templates that i can use for my social media on instagram on facebook on linkedin and then i foresaw wait but if i need this maybe my structure and my friends and my patron need that extremely so i just put out a berth on facebook that says literally and i’m gonna tell you exactly what it says if you are somebody who wants to grow your following but you don’t have the time to create content if i created a carry of a hundred social media templates and i’ll only sell them for 30 dollars would you demand them no answers in the first 15 instants and i was sweating i was like oh nobody misses this and then the 15 th hour well like 10 yeses and 20 yeses so this is a great way of doing your own market research and eventually what you’ve done is you perceived a need it was a need for yourself but quite often a need for yourself is a need for someone else so and certainly it snowballed from there we pointed up constituting 1300 sales in three weeks which was 36 000 and we only spend one thousand dollars in advertisement the thing i take from that which is what i say a lot of the time is you’ve done proper market research there it’s no good just asking your your close friends and family because you ask them they don’t want to upset you do they they want to say oh that’s wonderful katja that’s wonderful and you go to the market no one wants it because they love you and they want to be kind to you so real market research is as you’ve done this push it out to everyone as countless beings as you can and get a truth answer so how do you stand out in a marketplace that’s so crowded how can you glisten above everyone else it is really difficult to stand out as if you are entering a manufacture or a product that is very popular and there’s already lots of other beings selling it i would say that there’s only three things you can do to stand out you can either be first you can be better or you can be different the fourth one is the one that a lot of people has come forward with is make it cheaper right what sort of a mistake is it to make it cheaper than everyone else i believe that the price will be evaluated by who you captivate so i always say this if you want to go mass market as in everybody buys it if you require everybody to buy it you do have to make it inexpensive but if you would rather make a million dollars selling to 100 people you can do that you merely don’t sell it at 30 dollars so the acces i like to think of it is like a walmart and a gucci they’re both different the enterprises and they both have different clientele and they both work you don’t have to be the cheapest and scoot to the bottom because it’s a hasten you’re never going to win so this sounds really great but can anyone do this or do you need to be particularly brainy or special qualifications what would you say to them i don’t believe that you need aptitudes or at a degree to create passive income when you start at the start you’re going to feel like you’re not good enough or you don’t have enough cost to start making money from this and i had this to start with and you say it’s a scoot at the bottom you have no idea i started my business with charge 10 pound a month i did have that i did have that fear that i had to be the cheapest thing you’re gonna get found out don’t you sort of as if you’re a fraud precisely of course you’re not it was only when i realized that i do have enough knowledge i can share and i’m not just somebody who really popped out of nowhere and learned commerce in three months and started selling about it no i have done marketing i have done sales i have worked for so many different organizations so by the time i started my business i was already an expert for me my education started certainly when i left school and i always refer to it as the school of hard knocks and their their instructions that are going to treat you well for the rest of your life so if they want to start a business today what steps should they take to get on that road the first thing you need to do is build an audience around a topic a topic or acquaintance that you experience without thinking of monetizing hitherto or making money simply to build an audience that you can give value to don’t forget this step one you’ve got to constantly save building on that step one and keep sacrificing price 100 stair two is to go and ask that audience what they want and create a product in imagination that they want and you don’t have to make money on that product you know it’s such a great study curve as long as you’re not losing money you you are eligible to precisely break even and you can learn so much from that selling experience stair three formerly you have an audience and you have a product and you’ve sold that produce you now have an audience of purchasers now you have to treat these beings really really well and you have to help them get results you have to help them get exactly what they bought and get that transformation that they’re looking for so obstruct handing quality to your patrons so through this journey to getting you to this point of a laptop life do you feel luck represented my own part i certainly believe in being in the right place at the right time having was indicated that if you aren’t ready for the fluke when it comes in nothing’s going to happen what we’re really saying here is when luck is when opportunity encounters formulation if you’re prepared when it comes along you can take full advantage accurately so yes possibility does play a part what you do with that opening dictates what happens whether you are lucky or not so katya where am i going to leave the next video oh it’s right here but don’t go there just yet don’t forget to subscribe to the channel sound that notification bell and like the video okay then i’ll see you on the other side

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