August 9, 2022

Norwegian billionaire ditches skepticism, invests in local crypto exchange

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Within the same month, Norwegian billionaire investor Øystein Stray Spetalen has gone from dismissing Bitcoin (BTC) as a “nonsense currency” to revealing that he has joined the board of Norway’s top domestic crypto exchange MiraiEx.

Spetalen’s former position was that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin should be “immediately” banned by the Norwegian and European authorities due to the destructive effect that mining them has on the environment. In a pre-recorded interview screened at the DNB Invest conference on March 18, he said:

“Bitcoin today consumes as much energy as all of Norway. It is extremely environmentally hostile. The authorities and the EU should ban it immediately. Then you’d cut CO2 emissions considerably […] It’s just nonsense. We’re doing well with the payment systems that are in place today.”

Yet by March 26, in an interview with Norwegian newspaper Finansavisen, Spetalen had changed his tune. “When the facts change, I change,” he said, “I met the MiraiEx founders Thuc and Øyvind the day after the podcast was recorded, early in March, and I realized that I had been wrong.”

Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange and custodian MiraiEx had just raised 5Title: Norwegian billionaire ditches skepticism, invests in local crypto exchange
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