November 29, 2021

How to Start A Digital Marketing Agency As a Beginner in 2021 (Your FIRST $10k+/month)

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I'm Neil Patel, and today I'm going to educate you how to create your own digital marketing agency.( upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you're on YouTube, too click the alarm bell.


You witness parties like medoing consulting services and making money from it. Would you like to learn howyou can do the same thing? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to educate you how to create your own digital marketing agency.( upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re on YouTube, too click the alarm bell. That way, when I releasemore videos like this, and too go live onYouTube or even Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll get notified. Question for you: Do you want to know the exactly process I took to start a agency? It will works today ifyou want to know it, leave a comment with Yes below.If you don’t want to knowit, leave a comment with No. The first thing you need to do is go and find firms. Everyone contemplates oh Ineed to buy this course, or this service that learns me how to create an agency. Yo don’t need to time any of that. I’ll break it down in themost naive manner: You go online and findcompanies that you can help. That’s the first step. And it’s as simple as goingto site like Crunchbase and looking for all theventurefunded companies. If person conjured a great deal of money, what does that aim? They got to get spend it.And they got to spendit on people like you who can help them growtheir traffic and sales. Now you may be like, hmmm, Idon’t have a lot of know-how. I don’t have a lot of suit studies. I’m not going to be able toget a lot of these purchasers. I’ll learn you how to do that as well. Step two. Now that you noticed a roll of companies that you can potentially help, I want you to go through their website and certainly look at it and is just like, what can you do to help em? Don’t just say oh I canhelp em with their SEO, I can help them with their paid ads. I want you to really break down everything that they’re doingwrong and how to fix it, like route entry by cable item. The more detailed you are, thebetter off you’re going to be. If you don’t get detail, this isn’t going to work. Step three, Eliminate all of thecompanies on that register that you can’t provideenough feedback for.If you can’t add pagesand sheets of feedback, you’re not going to do well. You need to break all of that down, so then that behavior, peoplecan get all of that insight. When they get that revelation, they’re much more likely to hire you. They miss the meat, they miss the intestines. The next stair, I want you to email the CEO, the founder of that corporation, the head of marketing, your expanse breaking down everything that they’re doing wrong.And at the end, even tell em, sorry to be blunt, I justwant to help you stretch. If you need help implementing any of this, let me know. I don’t mind labouring somethingout and helping you guys out. If you send out five of those emails, you’ll get one to twocustomers like clockwork. If you’re not, that meansyou’re not mail it out to the right people, in which these people aren’t raising millions of dollars. If they haven’t raised at leastone to two million dollars, you’re wasting your time emailing them. Also on that note, whenyou’re emailing them, you need to keep following up as well. In many cases, I’ll emailthem, I’ll text them, I’ll call em. I’ll do whatever it takesto make sure that they read and see that document. And you’ll find that somepeople will be offended, some people will looks just like you, and some people will hire you. But it really is one to two out of five will hire you as longas you’re sending out certainly thorough emails. The email doesn’t “ve got to be” quite, doesn’t have to have allthese crazy cool graphics.It can precisely be basic emails breaking down what they’re doing wrong, how to fix it. And when you lay it out step by step, where they can do itwithout even hiring you, they’re more likely to hireyou because they’re like, oh, you’ll send me everything. I trust him. I can see his game plan. Why not just hire him? I’m fastened for hour. Because the moment someoneraises venture capital, they got to move fast. And that’s your advantage.That’s how you create adigital marketing agency and get your firstly few clients and get over $ 10,000 a month in income. If you like this video, makesure you leave a comment below letting me know. Subscribe to the channel, like it. Thanks for watching ..


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