October 28, 2021

How to make money in today’s market

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and once again we are a record now another record daylight for this bull run what that’s stimulating buying low-toned and selling high-pitched pretty difficult our next patron says just take a look abroad at surfacing markets Tom Lydon is ETF tendencies comm publisher and global trends investments directors he attaches us now Tom good to see you it’s in you Lauren what gradual these days surfacing marketplaces some of them in bear market territory precisely some surfacing sells down over 20% but the key is it’s all been about busines campaigns all this conversation continues to pound developing sells if we really do check some positive talks even if there’s a little discussion they’ll pop up two or 3 percent in a established daytime so the idea here is look at valuations surfacing sells in some areas have peas of nine comparison with 18 for the SP so you can buy those stocks half off and through ETFs there’s a great opportunity to do it wisdom tree has an emerging market income ETF de M again a 9 PE and it has the highest yielding emerging market inventories if you feel this thing’s gonna work itself out there’s a great opportunity but here’s the thing and if it doesn’t work itself out a lot of these surfacing sells their biggest trading partner is China correct if China does hit by the trade spat that it’s in with the United States that could hurt those developing markets that’s the one swipe here’s the second punch the Federal Reserve they hike interest rates the dollar comes stronger it becomes more difficult for these developing marketplaces to pay back their pays it does so if you’re a appreciate investor number one longterm going to value that makes a lot of sense but number two if you feel a lot of this is Trump’s posturing which numerous people do I know you’ve got to believe at one point in time they’re each going to give a little and when they do it’s gonna be the emerging markets that benefit the most our guest earlier said your point is a lot of this posturing you don’t really want to engage in this really big trade stuff with China with Canada and maybe some other countries I know they’re talking to Japan on Monday you don’t want to do this heading into the midterm elections no you don’t you want to make sure that that works out however when you talk about midterm polls and you talk about the u.s.small cap firms are doing so much better because they don’t have to worry about the dollar they don’t have to worry about trade and the tax parts have been a huge benefit to them so look at countries like the Janice Henderson small cap ETF I’ll tell you it’s up 26% still further and the the emerging busines phase of that is powerful small cap is even more powerful of.

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