October 25, 2021

How to be Rich || Millionaire Kaise Bane? Make Money

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Everyone wants to earn money but is everyone
working to earn money people don't know-how to earn money and in this video, I'll tell
you 3 ways with which before the age of 30 make you a crore earner and if you are already
30 then don't be nervous these ways are practical these are those ways which I myself have implemented
and today I'm able to teach you apply them if you are at any age you'll get rich but
yes if you are a youngster then these ways they will work for you to make you rich so if you want to
be crore earner then this video is for you. So the very first way I'll not take much of
your time I want you immediately get rich become a crore earner you will be able to help people you will do good for yourself for your family for this society if you focus on this first way and
that is make a philosophy of yours regarding money make a philosophy of yours develop a
strong philosophy about money till now you would have been taught that money is the problem
for everything whatever wrong happens it's because of money, shortage of money costs
wrongdoings if a person doesn't steal because money is coming in between he steals because
he doesn't have money shortage of money is causing wrongdoings.

You have to overcome that shortage if you want
to go in the right direction then you need money because with money you'll get freedom when
you'll have the money you'll have freedom of choice you would be able to do that which you actually
want to do. Now if people think that money is wrong then
there immediately you have to change their philosophy this is poor people's psychology
that money is wrong. Don't talk about money, don't earn money, focus
on these things, for now, I'm telling you one thing earning money is very important at any
age you are. Warren Buffet started earning money from young
age. I started earning money from the age of 17 and
while earning money I learned all those things with which I became a better person because
when we go to earn money you without value can't earn money this is my psychology which
I'm giving you this philosophy which I'm giving you have to develop and you have to invest in yourself
200 times return is obtained when we invest on ourselves, you invest in a new phone nothing
will happen you'll stay poor what you do you buy new clothes waste money if you'll do this
you won't get rich here you have to invest in yourself read books by reading those books
I became rich I'm telling you to start reading books you'll also get rich will you follow
my advice 99% people won't and because they won't follow they'll remain poor I'm telling
you to take courses such courses which will give your brain positive information your skills develop take such courses you don't take such courses you put money at nonsense places then what will happen
will you become rich no you won't, you have to do this only first you to develop a strong philosophy and
invest in yourself make yourself better when you'll make yourself better money will come
because you'll he able to give value second way set big goals now I said a big thing I
said you make big goals you know what are goals of people 20000 rupees job 15000 rupees
job when freshers come to me and say sir we want 30000 we want 25000 rupees per month
I definitely know that this person will keep doing job he won't become rich and I want you to become
rich actually what happens when you say that you want this much you are undervaluing yourself
you have huge potential but how'll you get rich when you think, why don't people become
rich because they don't think about it they don't make targets they make very small
targets make big targets think big something big will happen along with it visualize that
the goal you made is being achieved make a goal that in 3 months this will happen in
6 months this will happen in 1 year this will happen and think big that this will happen
visualize it and it will happen with me it has happened with me I'm telling you what
has happened with me and is happening and what I'm thinking is huge you'll think if
I told you you'll say it's a very big thing for you, it's big not for me if someone says
your dreams are huge then say they are huge for them, not for you, they will happen for
you because you are thinking dreams are fulfilled of them who sees them goals are achieved by
them only who makes them who don't make they don't ever achieve them so if you want to
be a crore earner then think big visualize it that its happening with you and it will
happen and finally focus on earning.


Focus on earning money do every work with
which earning happens because when you go out to earn money without giving value you
can't earn money now you don't want to earn money with bad things if you give value to
people then you'll earn money either you give product or service or you do anything without
giving value people don't earn money you can't earn money if you didn't give value so start
giving value and spend time with such people like whom you want to become. Out of you many people say you want to be
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