May 17, 2022

GTA Online Beginner’s Guide (How to Make Money & RP Solo)

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welcome to a new episode of GTA series videos tips and tricks again this is Gary 7mt and we're just gonna say this now today's guide is gonna be a little different thanks to discounts and offers it's a snap for new players to get fresh copies of GTA 5 and find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of activities to play businesses to acquire and stuff to buy in GTA online in this video we won't focus on the details and numbers like we've done in past episodes instead we'll guide you through the dozens of activities and businesses in the game so you can focus on those that are not only the most profitable but that can also be completed without help of friends or crew members you should see this video as a guideline on what to do and what to avoid now if you're looking for more detailed explanations of how businesses work missions play out and what to do and what not during heists we suggest you peep out other videos on our channel as always a huge shout out goes to all the people on the GTA forums and GTA online subreddit for their time and passion and creating guides that have helped people pick out the best ways to become the kingpins of GTA online the pay2win experience in GTA online is available to everyone thanks to the premium online edition and the criminal enterprise starter pack because of these jump starts into the world of GTA online players get the advantages of already owning property businesses vehicles and more obviously thanks to the shark cards you can even directly buy whatever you want by using real life money but this video isn't about that we don't do that owning stuff without the proper knowledge on how to use it or trying to access high ranked activities when your rank is low will only waste your precious time and money surely repeating the heists would make you a millionaire in no time but the game offers you a plethora of different activities to play even if you don't have a crew or trusted friends to play with the key to success is reasonable set some simple goals for your experience gain knowledge by actually playing the game and you'll soon find yourself able to beat every challenge the game has to offer we advise keeping pockets typed by buying only what is necessary you don't need to own or buy everything have fun remember despite the hundreds of things already available in the game plus those that will be added with future updates you can still do most activities without having custom vehicles or weapons also and most importantly before starting your adventure remember to register a social club account and link it to your game this gives you access to specific sets of offers in the game and will help you with your first steps also link your social club to your twitch prime account if you have one and enable the two-factor authentication to allow access to new weekly Rockstar offers I heard you won the big talker right I said just probably need to get settle in got that [ __ ] back No so I gotta look good for you welcome to Los Santos first things first do not skip the tutorial as at the end of it you'll have a pistol in hand a personal vehicle hard cash and almost be at rank 5 which should be your first objective rank 5 is both a blessing and a curse for new players because from this rank on you're able to buy some serious [ __ ] which you shouldn't just get but it's also the gateway rockstar games sets for players to start getting calls and messages from game characters tied to businesses and activities so be ready because your phone is going to get high oh hey lgt here the entire tutorial takes place inside a closed lobby the only enemies are the AI and other players who have started the tutorial with you meaning they should really be more teammates than adversaries at this point but once that's completed an entire world of opportunities opens to you and is split into two hemispheres pvp and PVE with PvP player versus player we consider all those activities that pit you against another player which are also called competitive modes we're talking about death matches races parachuting adversary modes and so on all these activities can be really rewarding especially when Rockstar applies a double or triple reward during the week's events but to be competitive you need more than just skill and we're not talking about a whole set in the lobby with our custom vehicles and weapons for example your health bar at length v is so low that your character can almost die with a punch so unless you've played the game for years and you're starting over or you think you're a bonafide GTA badass stay away from the PvP activities until you're rich enough to spend 50 G's on ammunition and bulletproof vests or a couple million for a buck before moving on the PV II there are some activities in GTA online doable solo and in a private only session that can really boost your RPS and money we're talking about the Navy revolver the stone hatchet the treasure hunt the signal jamming the playing cards and the action figure challenges and collectibles that will grant the player a total reward of 1,075,000 and more than 275,000 RP which translates to a progression from zero to 138 more or less all these activities have been added to either promote Red Dead Redemption 2 or the next online update and more of these kinds of events can be added in future an example is the peyote's in GTA online already added and removed twice by Rockstar Games consuming peyote won't help your bank account but will surely help your rank because each peyote rewards the player 5000 RPS and you can contain hundreds of these and weekly and all these challenges difficulty is almost non-existent all you need is a helicopter and a good video to follow now while the first is owned you for a second we got you covered if you're up for raising the difficulty bar there are also the weekly time trials that can all be completed using a body 801 you can get the bike for 15 G's and upgrades cost another 45,000 completing a time trial will fetch the player a little more than one hundred thousand and five thousand RP h sure it's only a once a week challenge but at the end of the year you can amass a whopping 5.2 million and another two hundred and sixty thousand RP s not bad for a measly 60 G investment sure it's gonna take a year to obtain but it's a five minute challenge a week which still today is one of the most rewarding activities in the game and for those asking there are also the RC time trials and premium races but to have access to those you actually need to spend millions and we're trying to make money lose another two hundred and thirty two thousand five hundred and almost fourteen thousand our peace can be obtained by completing the san andreas flight school with all gold medals which differs from all previous challenges requiring time and ability in flying helicopters and planes and GTA online try to complete the school anyway even if you're not interested in getting the gold medals because there is still money in our piece to earn and the experience you acquired will help you in your future criminal endeavors simply by committing to all these activities in the first week considering you complete one challenge every day you can actually close the week above rank 40 and with almost 1.5 million already in your pocket the PvE player versus environment of which we spoke before are the contact missions you'll be against NPCs making from 5 grand to 15 G's every 5 minutes and the higher the rank the higher the payout more or less that's because after tons of players grinded the mission rooftop rumble during the first year Rockstar Games changed the mission payout system a couple of times finally deciding to institute a time-based reward while in the past you've got a fixed reward for simply completing the mission payouts are now given according to the time spent in the mission with the entire reward given only if you play for 15 minutes or more before ending the mission waiting for the full payout is a waste of time so try to stay in the 4 to 6 minute range which equals 50% of the start by completing simians missions first then move on to Gerald's and so on thank you my boy thank you I am honored to call you my son play another mother if you know what I mean that peace and love you have done me proud you can no longer make playlists but you can fire one mission after the other from the selection made you after completing the previous job always hit the auto and fight option and wait 30 seconds to a minute for people to join sometimes you'll find players that like you are willing to rank up and make some money which is great because they'll be able to help you during the mission lowering your costs and making the missions pay a little more that's thanks to a multiplier added by Rockstar that gives a 10% cash bonus for every additional player in the lobby always set the mission difficulty too hard to access an additional 50% cash and RP reward bonus completing contact missions are a pimpish way to gain knowledge experience and money in an hour you can amass from 80,000 to 100 K and 15,000 to 20,000 rpms thanks to these jobs you'll also be able to learn the map layout and discover all the shortcuts of places you can lose a wanted level or to disappear from a griefer you'll also gain experience and understanding when to attack enemies directly and when it's instead time to use cover to help you with harder missions and heists sure there are activities that are more rewarding in the game but flying from point A to B to C won't prepare you for competing with other players who've put in time nor with the game itself we're obviously talking about the VIP or CEO to fire up a VIP organization you need to have at least 50,000 bucks money that won't be taken from you but that you just need to have which isn't hard at all with the organization you can start playing the VIP CEO missions some of these take five to ten minutes to finish it pay from ten to twenty five grand each and the good news is that four of them can be started in a solo lobby with nobody but you also you can start them from the interaction menu without having to wait for loading times on the downside there is a cool-down between activities another downside of VIP organizations is that you can be a VIP for a maximum of four hours straight but once done you gotta wait 12 hours before being able to reopen your organization this cool-down can be completely bypassed if instead of becoming a VIP you buy an office and become a CEO something that you can already do if you have the premium online edition or the criminal enterprise starter pack the four missions that can be played alone our asset recovery headhunter hostile takeover and sightseer with the first one being the worst of the lot because it pays less and requires a lot of time to complete various players and predators even found a way to play these missions one after another optimizing time and income in something called the wave method according to this method the player starts off playing and completes headhunter waits for the hostile take off cooldown to expire and starts and completes hostile takeover then does the same with headhunter followed by sightseer from this point on you should be able to run sightseer headhunter and hostile takeover in succession without any cooldown once the sequence ends restart headhunter and repeat it's a little hard to understand the first time but once you got the rhythm it's child's play by following the sequence the player should be able to earn 200 K's per hour more or less which is double or more of what you can do by only playing the contact missions obviously that amount of money is doable when you have access to a good toy called the Buzzard attack helicopter a vehicle costing $1,750,000 you can surely find the Buzzard around the map or you can always drop 25 G's at least one meaning you can use it till it blows up without a buzzard you'll be way slower less protected and thus probably able to make only have this is a perfect example of how grinding the same activities over and over again just to make money isn't really reward you should diversify your approach by doing a bit of office use your four hours for VIP time to gain the maximum from VIP missions by stealing helicopters around the world to move as fast as possible around the map once that's done or whenever you get bored diversify your approach and place and contact missions in the meantime if by playing all of that your rank is already 60 or above you can even start accepting invites from people to play heist preps or double rewards activities you might make less money this way but you'll be able to gain a lot more experience which is what you need if you really want to make money in the game later everything we've said can be done alone no friends no crew no people to rely on and most importantly all this is doable in solo session far away from the battleground of the GTA public session that said making 200,000 per hour can still be considered chump change when we look at all the possibilities given by the businesses in the game like we said before we have an entire playlist of videos focused on explaining exactly how these businesses work from cargo crates to vehicle warehouses bunkers biker businesses Freight cargo nightclubs and more we won't go through all of that again but what we can do is give you an idea on how you can get the most out of all of that by focusing only on the most profitable business which are the vehicle warehouse the bikers businesses and the bunker from gun running by combining these three businesses with the CEO missions you can make a little more than eight hundred thousand in two hours but to be able to pull that off you need to spin a [ __ ] ton of money and take some risks first of all from this point on everything has to be done in public sessions the game is full of griefers and people they truly enjoy ruining other people's experiences there are various instruments that you can use to mislead such players but the safest way to play in public is to do it in solo public sessions and there are various ways to end up in one of those just look online to find a working method to do that on your platform with that said here's what you need a CEO office a vehicle warehouse a clubhouse with a coke factory in a bunker all with a couple upgrades to raise your income and lower expenses we're looking at a good eight million investment which is a huge ask from a player point of view making that kind of money is definitely hard but not impossible first of all if this is your goal stop thinking as an individual and find a crew with people on your same platform and with the same entrepreneurial criminal spirit scour GTA forums and reddit to find these people on PSN and Xbox groups discord servers and so on there are hundreds of people in GTA online every day doing the exact same thing as you all in controlled lobbies where griefers are easily kicked out by the group considering you're okay with that and that you've got the money already to buy stuff after playing all the missions abusing all the double and triple rewards activities and such do the following buy supplies for your bumper in your coat factory then source a high-end vehicle and sell it immediately after that fire up a headhunter CEO mission for the next two hours continue sourcing and selling high-end vehicles followed by hand hunter play two hours is the exact amount of time that both your bunker and your coat factory need to consume an entire bar of supplies with that done sell guns and coke and start all over again despite spending money for buying the supplies you'll still be able to make a ton of money thanks to activities played between the buying of supplies and the selling of product up until now we've talked about the ways of making money in game but once you start making money when and what stuff you buy is the real key to success first of all clothes you need in-game money your character won't catch a cold or earn more money or less money according to what clothes it's wearing buying fancy useless stuff is for rich characters and you aren't there yet weapons you can do almost everything with just form a silencer for your pistol a micro SMG with an extended clip a special carbine with drum mag and grip and any form of explosives grenades sticky bombs rocket launchers etc don't forget that by completing the challenges you'll also get a couple revolvers and the most powerful melee weapon in the whole damn game the stone hatchet the total for all that including 25 grenades is almost 78,000 and you should make this arsenal for yourself as soon as you can the only cost not included is ammunition for weapons but that depends on your ability as a shooter only amateurs waste bullets by spraying all over the place shoot more like John wick then Tony Montana vehicle wise there are two you need to own the Buzzard attack helicopter and Karuma armor the first one costs 1,750,000 the car instead is just under 700,000 apps that can be dropped to five hundred and twenty-five thousand by completing the Frieza job the first of the original heists the Buzzard is necessary because it's small fast and once you've got one you can spawn at almost anywhere near your character by using the option in the interaction menu the kuruma armored instead is a [ __ ] tank on wheels it goes almost anywhere and gives you the upper hand in every PvE combat you'll face from single lousy enemies to the most powerful and weaponized character the game has ever produced it's a huge amount of money but it's the best investment you can make in the game hands down property wise you can go for a simple small garage that will cost you twenty five thousand or wait a bit collect some more and by a high-end apartment that will give you access to not only a 10 car garage but also to the original heists a lot of people claim playing heists is impossible if you don't have friends or a protein but that's simply not true there are entire subreddits and posts on GTA forums with people interested in finding other people to play with even on our disk or server we have channels focused on that with people looking and offering their help daily all you need is to find the right people once you're ranked 80 or above because otherwise low health might be a problem when trying to beat the heists and speaking of heists let's take a look at that too we already said which businesses are necessary to make serious money but also consider buying an arcade to unlock the new casino heist as explained in our video focused on that the casino heists are extremely focused on solo players with almost everything doable alone and in a private lobby away from griefers and suckers also you'll need only one other guy to complete the heist and in less than an hour you can find yourself with an easy 500 to 800 thousand dollars or more in your pocket which is better than all the other money making methods we've discussed before so there are various ways for solo players to make some serious money starting from all the collectables in free mode – VIP missions businesses and complex ways of interweaving all these activities together to get the most out of them surely to make more money you need to spend money and that means you'll have to play for hours before having enough to invest in a business property or a new car don't rely on grinding the same activity over and over again but diversify your experience try everything the game has to one step at a time without jumping directly to the most profitable activities because even if you're skilled your character is not and all it takes to end your ass is a single John rigged shot take it slow play it safe keep your money in your pocket and you'll soon have your personal empire giving you more than a million GTA dollars every [ __ ] day well that's enough sin for this tips and tricks episode if you want to chat with us other players or just find someone to play GTA or read dead online with join us on our official discord server or follow our social media accounts on Twitter Facebook and Instagram from the GTA series videos crew and me your partner friend gary7 mt see you next time [Music] [Applause] [Music]