December 5, 2021

Golem (GLM) price rallies 230% to hit a 3-year high after protocol upgrade

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Over the past few weeks Golem (GLM) price saw a strong rally which pushed the token to a 3-year high at $0.65. 

The altcoin also underwent a strong pump on Feb. 19, but most of the gains evaporated as Bitcoin (BTC) corrected below $45,000 over the past three days. Nevertheless, GLM still holds a 230% gain in February alone.

Golem is an Ethereum decentralized application that enables users to rent out computing-power resources. Since November 2020 the project has been migrating from GNT to GLM token after deploying a new ERC-20 contract. Although most exchanges supported the move, it is still possible to find GNT activity and listings.

Golem provides an open-source cloud processing framework for both application registries and transactions. Thus, anyone can share and aggregate computing resources, as well as create applications using the network. Ultimately, the solution aims to compete with traditional centralized cloud services like Amazon AWS.

Golem (GLM) token / USD at Binance. Source: TradingView

Golem’s ICO took place in November 2016, raising $8.6Title: Golem (GLM) price rallies 230% to hit a 3-year high after protocol upgrade
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