May 17, 2022

Going 50% Bitcoin

A new study found that a THIRD of Millennials are invested 50% in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin - here are my thoughts, and how much I plan to invest myself - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan GET YOUR FREE STOCK…

A new study found that a THIRD of Millennials are invested 50% in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin – here are my thoughts, and how much I plan to invest myself – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan




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All of this starts with a survey from CNBC, which dove into the analytics of how millionaires invest their money…and, by doing so, for the first time EVER….they found a HUGE difference between Millennial Millionaires, and everyone else, in terms of their investing habits:

47% of millennials surveyed had more than 25% of their wealth in cryptocurrencies, while more than a THIRD of them had HALF of their wealth in cryptocurrency. This is a HUGE difference from traditional investing, when you consider that – overall, 83% of American Millionaires have NONE of their wealth in cryptocurrency…and NONE of the Baby Boomer or Older Generation Millionaires surveyed had more than 10% of their wealth in cryptocurrency.

The expectation is that, long term, the banking and wealth management industry is going to have to shift their attention towards CRYPTOCURRENCY if they want to attract new millennial clientele, and that might begin to take precedent over traditional assets like stocks and bonds.

In addition, a survey of 100 Global Hedge Funds indicated that they plan to hold an average of 7% of their assets in cryptocurrency by 2026, and even though their CURRENT positions aren’t exactly known…it’s said that this allocation would be “represent a large increase.”

this research found that, by rebalancing your portfolio every quarter, regularly buying in over time – and keeping your bitcoin allocation consistent…the cumulative 3-year return of your portfolio would have been increased throughout every possible start date in bitcoin’s history.

For myself, I’m slowly ramping up to a 5% allocation to Bitcoin and Ethereum by the end of the year…and, after that…I’ll decide if I want to increase that position as needed. At this point, I treat it the same as I would an index fund – I’ll buy into it consistently, whether the price is up or down – and, I’ll hold it with the intention of keeping it long term. I’ve seen enough studies to feel comfortable with the volatility, and over the next 5-10 years, I’m curious to see how it performs.

I wouldn’t invest everything in cryptocurrency, I think 50% bitcoin is probably riskier than it needs to be, and stocks and real estate still provide a great, STABLE, LONGSTANDING history of building wealth.

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