May 18, 2022

‘Digital archeology’: long-dormant MoonCats project rides NFT mania to the moon


As the profusion of new algorithmically-generated nonfungible token projects drives down the premium on digital rarity, digital history and being among the “firsts” has become a more reliable source of value. As a result, long-forgotten projects are being unearthed by on-chain sleuths, and yesterday they might have struck gold on their biggest find yet. 

At 7 AM UTC March 12, Twitter user and NFT collector “ETHoard” posted a short thread on what may be the second-ever nonfungible collectibles project launched on Ethereum, MoonCats.

While maybe not as eye pleasing as the recent #CryptoCats discovery, after that rush happened I started digging around and came across #MoonCatRescue. Inspired by Cryptopunks as well, and actually predates CryptoCats. /1

— ETHoard (@ETHoard) March 12, 2021

According to Etherscan, the MoonCatsRescue contract is 1310 days old, first written to Ethereum on Aug 09 2017. That would mean MoonCats predates CryptoKitties, the NFT project widely credited with popularizing NFTs, by three months, and likewise is just a touch younger than CryptoPunks, the OG NFT project on Ethereum. 

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