January 19, 2022

Dan Larimer’s newest project is another attempt at decentralized social media

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Daniel Larimer, former chief technology officer of Block.one and a co-founder of Block.one and Steemit, has revealed his next project, called Clarion.

The project is meant to become a mobile-first decentralized social media platform, supporting all types of social features like personal messaging via text and video, publishing content to followers or having Discord-like voice chat rooms.

According to Larimer, Clarion “learns lessons from other projects,” including the initial idea for Steemit and Voice, two social media projects he launched or backed.

According to him, the two previous attempts at decentralized social media were “logically centralized” and required “all full nodes to process all transactions.”

Larimer’s idea of a better network draws more from RetroShare and Zeronet, two platforms based on peer-to-peer messaging, with the latter based on BitTorrent. He also cited file sharing protocols like IPFS as good examples of decentralized networks. These present usability challenges though, especially on mobile devices.

Clarion would be developed as a “progressive web application” based on WebAssembly, a framework that allows buildingTitle: Dan Larimer’s newest project is another attempt at decentralized social media
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