August 9, 2022

Can crypto trading and investing be taught in just one book?

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Cryptocurrency books aimed at novice users or non-users tend to follow a very similar pattern. Almost all start with an obligatory “history of money” and explain why fiat is, let’s say, “flawed,” — to be polite. Then Bitcoin (BTC) in introduced, wielding a fistful of shiny new tech that can address some of these issues.

The books go into mining, wallets, exchanges, Ethereum and smart contracts, altcoins and decentralized finance — also known as DeFi. Once the authors are sure that the reader is sold on the idea of buying into crypto, they wrap it nicely up with a (foregone) conclusion and settle smugly back down.

However, even equipped with the desire (and know-how) to buy their first cryptocurrency, the reader may still feel there is a barrier to taking the next step. In fact, once the purchasing decision has been made, a whole new raft of questions crop up tha a savvy crypto convert will want answered.

How much should I spend? What strategies are open to me? Should I invest or consider trading? How can I maximize gains while minimizing risk? Few books delve deep enough into such territory to give a reader the confidence to enter the market with at least half anTitle: Can crypto trading and investing be taught in just one book?
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