May 18, 2022

Bullish crypto events of 2020 that will drive historic adoption

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The year gone by had many ups and even more downs, mainly due to the global outbreak of a devastating virus that has crippled nations and killed millions. But for those in the crypto and blockchain community, 2020 finally showcased the true potential of the technology. 

There were, arguably, more developments last year that will have long-lasting positive effects on the industry than during the entire history of distributed ledger technology and Bitcoin (BTC). So, here are the top five developments of last year in the decentralized tech sector that will leave a lasting memory and a strong legacy for years to come.

BTC price breaks $20,000

Bitcoin price did a lot more than just break the $20,000 price mark that was originally set during the 2017–2018 bull run. First, the $20,000 mark fell. Soon after, so did $30,000. And now, even the $35,000 mark has been taken over.

Those seemingly wild predictions of a $45,000 Bitcoin price by the end of 2021 may not be so distant after all. What’s more is that the infamous stock-to-flow model developed by crypto trader PlanB, which predicts a $100,000 price for Bitcoin, is playing out as suggested.

So, yes, prices go up, but they can also go down. This has happened before and may happen again, Title: Bullish crypto events of 2020 that will drive historic adoption
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