December 4, 2021


Lets discuss the latest investment strategy for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu - and how that compares with dollar cost averaging into the SP500 - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan ALL THANKS TO NOBJOS - SUBSCRIBE TO MARKET…

Lets discuss the latest investment strategy for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu – and how that compares with dollar cost averaging into the SP500 – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan







MarketSentiment extracted the daily trading data across 317 different exchanges, and 1985 coins, to find a reliable method of cryptocurrency investing, based on historic price, market capital, and trading volume, going all the way back to December of 2013:

On the surface, he found that if you compared the FIRST listing price on the exchange, with the latest available price…only 40% of them have gained in value. However, the ones that DO well – do really, REALLY well….and, the average gain across the “winners” was a STAGGERING 3048%.

What’s even more interesting is that, if you remove the top 1% of cryptocurrencies from that gain…your return drops down to 641%….and, if you remove the top 5%…your overall return would be similar to investing in the SP500.

That means…of the 40% that actually gains any value…only 2% actually earn enough to push your return higher than that of the stock market, long term….and, 98% of the time…you would’ve been better off being a boring investor and just dollar cost averaging into boomer stocks, instead.

After that, MarketSentiment analyzed a strategy to Dollar Cost Average into the top 10 cryptocurrencies EVERY SINGLE MONTH based on total trading volume.

In this case, he analyzed two different ways to invest: The first buys an equal amount into the top 10 currencies, beginning on the first of each month…and, the second is to weight your investment based on total trading volume.

In the FIRST scenario, had you just invested $100 per month in the top 10 coins EQUALLY beginning in 2014…meaning, just a flat $10 in each…you would’ve invested a total of $9390….and, today…you would have….wait for it…$990,410 dollars…for an over 10,000% return.

Even in the SECOND scenario…weighting your investment for the most traded coins….your $9390 would’ve turned into a $536,000 mini fortune…with a 5700% return.

So, in terms of the past performance…Bitcoin wins, had you bought in from the very, very beginning…but, since 2016…Ethereum has seen a higher annual return, consistently. Of course, there are a few other outliers…including Dogecoin, which is up 5100% Year to Date…but, in terms of having a larger dataset with consistent returns throughout a massive market cap…Ethereum seems to be one of the best performers.

Overall…given all of this information…I think the real story here is just this: 60% of cryptocurrencies haven’t seen ANY gain of value long term, whatsoever…and, the remaining 40% are typically driven by the performance of the best few.

That’s not to say that, short term, some might see abnormally large swings if you’re trading on momentum…but, more often than not, long term, the top 10 see the majority of the price appreciation over years – not months…and, to this day…almost all of that has been realized by either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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