November 29, 2021

8 Ways to ACTUALLY Make Money from Home

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what’s going on people welcome to thevideo so today I’m going to cover eight natures that you can make money right fromyour dwelling or your laptop you know if you’re stranded and this works obviouslyif you’re if you’re stranded and quarantined right now or six months fromnow if you watch this in like October or November okay now I did record thisvideo deemed to be or not earlier this morning and for whatever reason I guessI forgot to turn autofocus on so it is manually focused and the video isactually a little blurry but regardless I’m just gonna roster with the perforates andI’m gonna drop it here in a second okay it is a little blurry but everything inthe video all the information is great I most recommend that you take it in andtake action and pick maybe one or two business prototypes max it’s really gonnahelp you out to make and supplement some income right from your residence or takeadvantage of the time if you have extra time you know while you’re quarantinedokay now that said there’s also free report connected in the description onevery one of these business mannequins if one piques your interest go ahead clickdown in the description check it out but don’t really sounds down and check out allthe free message first watch the video because I’ll cover why they’regood business modelings how you can implement them locates involved with themand more information that’s gonna be valuable to you okay so with that beingsaid here’s the video what’s going on people welcome to the video so today I’mgonna go in a little bit of a different direction I’m gonna give you eight waysthat you can make money and exercise your time better right now right from yourhouse and your computer okay these are all things that I’ve done myself and allthings that I’ve tried myself now this comes because a lot of people arefreaking out about the corona virus in the current situation a lot of peoplehave a lot more time on their hands and a lot of beings are worried about thepotential you know loss of their jobs or they just want to supplement a littlebit of their income right so I’m gonna give you eight roads that I think thatyou can make money right from your house in your computer that you’re gonna beable to utilize your additional time to maybe precisely pull in a little bit of extra sideincome or if you like them you can scale them up some of them to a full timeincome and really build a business around them okay so this video is reallygonna help you out make sure to give it a thumbs up if you revalue the valuein today’s video it’s a serious topic and I really hope it helps a lot of youso I’ve tried all of these like I said and I’m gonnaon them for you here in a second what you know how you can get started thewebsite so you can get started on how you go about approaching the businessmodel on certain things like that but I’ve tried all of these because like Ialways recommend to new entrepreneurs or you know anybody getting into it ingeneral freedom you’ll want to try a cluster of different things and catch out whatyou like and what you’re good at then when you find out what you liking you’regood at you want to double down on that and exclusively go after that okay so justa little caveat on why I’ve tried them all now I don’t do them all currentlybut I “re just trying” them all and I have met money with I imagine most of themexcept the one now that I’m looking at I haven’t moved money with the one but Ihave actually uploaded one to there okay so like I said this is gonna be relevantwhether you’re stuck inside you the coronavirus right now or six months fromnow if you’re watching this in like October or Novemberyou can still utilize these to make money from your house and from yourcomputer so the first one is to consult right we all have an expertise forexample you know my buddy he’s an accountant right if he got stuck or hegot fired from his enterprise he could go on a site like clarity fm that’s where I hostmy consulting and do consulting for beings that need their taxes done rightthat’s a great way that you can charge by the minute and you can say I’ve seenpeople set up like instants all the way up to like $10 or $20 on that siteobviously you don’t want to do that when you’re just getting started because youwant to build up your reviewer profile and give yourself a little bit moresocial proof but it’s a great way that anybody can do everybody has anexpertise everybody’s good at something for you it might not be accounting maybeit’s digital marketing title maybe it’s running marketing you can come up Idon’t know exactly what your skill set is but you can come out with somethingand you can do consulting on purity FM around that and make money just talkingon the phone right from your home okay so that’s number one it’s a greatopportunity than anybody can do the second one would be to create onlinecourses now for whatever reason when I advocate this the majority beings don’twant to go about doing it and I don’t know why this has been a staple of myincome since I started entrepreneurship I stumbled upon it and I’ve still beendoing it every single day in fact I’m going last-minute to record another courseit’s little mini direction clearly these are mini tracks right so they’re notlike my premium routes they’re any tracks and I slapped them up onsites like you to me right then I repurpose them for websites like Skillsharestack commerce Amazon video direct and a number of other targets right then Istripped the audio and I upload them to other arranges for audio right so there’sa great opportunity to do online routes right now it’s gonna be passive incomeonce you develop it that’s why I still do it today you take a little bit of timeyou create the little mini trend around whatever you’re good at or whatever youlike right today I’m filming something on X rooms that I uttered coin onlinebecause I think it’s an important opportunity to do so and I think it can help a lotof people and because I got a lot of extra season on my hands right same thingfor you if you’re good at soccer for example guess what you can take a cameraor your iPhone get a little tripod or have person wire record soccermoves create a soccer course you can create a course around anything blow itup on places like that and it will make for you for the months and times to comepassively enormous business simulate highly highly most recommend it I have anentire course that educates how to certainly ran courses on udemy I haveabout 400,000 students now it’s been a staple of my income just you and mealone for the past three years now so I know what I’m talking about that coursewill go over udemy stack Commerce Amazon video Direct podcasting I know I’mmissing a duo Skillshare there’s a knot all in there you can get into thatcourse for free I’ll drop that down in the specific characteristics below it’s a free trialso a free 30 day trial if you like it stay in it if you don’t cancel it’sreally really simple okay it’s called content creation Pro second attach in thedescription for the 30 era trial okay the next one would be to start a YouTubechannel or a podcast or a blog now you might be sitting there saying Brianthat’s a terrifying opinion this is not gonna pay me why would I do that and you’d beright it’s not gonna remuneration you right now it is a long game but YouTube is stillone of the best without literally if not the best online marketing sits periodright it’s the best way to do to market your business or to grow a business orto get traffic to a website or whatever okay so you should look into especiallyright now while you have extra time on your hands look into starting a YouTubechannel it’s a great time to do so look into starting a podcast or look intostarting a blog a lot of beings shy away from blogs and blogs get a bad rap nowbecause certainly we’re in you know 2020 and there you know blocks various kinds of diedout but I ever like to say you know when people are various kinds of sending theirattention and moving in the video guidance or the audio direction thatgives a great opportunity for written word so start a YouTube channel start apodcast start a blog it’s a great opportunity to do so you might not beable to monetize it today you might not be able to monetize it in a month fromnow but six months from now you’re gonna be able to build a business aroundwhatever that is you’re gonna be able to get revenue from it and you’re gonna bereally grateful that you expended your time now constructing that okay most recommendthat you do that as well and if you guys have questions on any of these plummet themdown in the comments section below I’d love to answer them for you okay thenext one’s a great one it’s a great option to make money right now just likeI said with the first one and the second largest one really any and the third largest one anybodycan do this so I want you to freelance you canfreelance around anything you can use locates like Fiverr or upwork there’s aseveral others but those are the two most popular and sell assistances right soif you are good at accounting right you were able to sell that on up creation I have anentire friend that his entire business is pretty much precisely on up study and hemakes an entire income do that it’s great money okay you can build abusiness around anything only on up work you can also go to business aroundanything exactly on five are doing services okay now it doesn’t have to be yourbusiness you don’t have to scale it all the way up you are eligible to exactly do it for someextra side income every month to supplement your income okay it’s a greatway to do so you can get on there right now today and make money and get yourfirst gig okay or build your first marketing on top work okay and one of the benefitsof up make and fiber as well is you can reach out to beings you don’t actuallyhave to time sit and wait for the organic transaction for somebody to find youokay so take the initiative hop on there figure out what assistances you can offerand start freelancing it’s a great time to do sothe next thing is one that I adoration and is near and dear to my centre so obviously Ilove online arbitrage and reselling so what I do is I source things onlineobviously if you’re watching this channel you know that okay but what Iwould recommend for the majority of members parties that are stuck inside is you knoweverybody has extra things around the house okayso whether you want a source that’s great undoubtedly this channel will showyou how to do that there’s hundreds of thousands of seminars a million ways to sourcebut everybody has excess stuff around their house that they can sell that theydon’t need anymore maybe that’s close maybe that’s there’sa video game over there that I haven’t played in decades I listed it on Amazonas fbm the other day sold the day I prepared 1495 on it so obvious I didn’t start 1495 I reflect I stimulated like eight bucks after carrying it out and after the costs butyou can sell things around the house that you don’t need anymore and that youdon’t use and make an extra couple hundred bucks to a thousand bucks andthen exploit that to either you know supplement you to you know basically putaside as like your your money earmark if you’re a little worriedwe’re invest previously this is all over into a real business model so you can scalethat up okay so sell things around the house apparently you can utilize andleverage sites like Poshmark for invests or actually anything that’s great greatplace to do so eBay Macari and Amazon FBM currently becausethey’re not currently countenancing FBA shipments but that will change in thefuture okay and it sounds like one of the only firms right now that’shiring beings for their storehouses so they’re not going away anytime soon okaythe next one is a great option for people that are just get into it andit’s a great option for beginners and experienced beings like extremely rightnow okay and that would be to start an organization now I didn’t say I didn’t tellyou to start a social sell authority I didn’t tell you to start an advertisingagency I has been said start an bureau the reason being is you can build an agencyaround anything all an authority is is basically you’re gonna bring leadscustomers we’re marketing to a company in exchange for a fee okay so youcan build an agency around anything undoubtedly you know Tai Lopez attained socialmedia marketing agencies acclaimed freedom oh there’s a lot of marketing advertisingexcuse me advertising enterprises out there there’s also a lot of marketing agenciesout there but you can constructed something around anything I always tell the storyof these parties when I was younger I used to play soccer fairly competitivecompetitively and you know there was this this company announced UK elite thatcame over from the UK and developed people and guess what they were they were asoccer agency right your sorority paid them retainer right and then they would cometrain you a establish sum of duration so they were a soccer busines you can build anagency around anything and then basically sell that as a service tobusinesses it doesn’t have to be ventures right doesn’t have to be b2blike social media marketing you can also dob2c perhaps sell to industrialists or sell my shares to whoever patently I don’t knowwhat your expertise or skill is maybe if you want to drop a comment below I canhelp you brainstorm if you have a question but start an agency it’s agreat opportunity to do so why is it because hey you can do it remotely fromanywhere so you can do it from your your laptop and your room right and be itdoesn’t cost you anything that’s why I love that business model I urge it toa lot of apprentices even if they are I don’t do it I go to check out bureaux rightgo learn how to start an authority because it costs zero to start up an agencythere’s practically no overhead right you don’t really have to spend any moneyand what you get from the company or the business or the industrialist right ifit’s b2c is gonna be practically a hundred percentage earning so you ratify aclient for a thousand dollars a month that’s $ 1,000 a month profit you indicate aclient for five thousand dollars a month guess what that’s five thousand a monthprofit right or maybe 4500 if you’re outsourcing something right so greatopportunity go out learn how to start an authority it’s a great place to start forbeginners and experienced people alike okay the next one is to record ebooks oraudio records same thing as directions right just like tracks they’re gonna bepassive income that fee you for the coming months and times to come so you startyou know for example you record it a direction write divest the audio introduced it outas an audio bible on Amazon right boom done or I guess that’s audible privilege soour audible Amazon all owns audible freedom same thing you want to get it getit transcribed and then articulated it drop it as an ebook on Kindle right and boom soyou don’t have to create the courses if you just want to create an ebook or anaudiobook you want to record yourself if you’re not cozy getting in frontof the camera just record an audio route swipe it up on audible and sell itas an audio course right then get it taped or tape it yourself weall have a lot of extra experience right now and then slap it up on Kindle as anebook boom those are gonna be two rivers of income for you that remunerate youfor the next month for the next you know couple months and the next couple ofyears that you don’t ever have to do anything else for they just sit therewhether they pay you five dollars a month whether they pay you two dollars amonth or whether they pay you two splendid amonth okay I know people that make full time incomes merely from audible prettycrazy okay so record ebooks record audiobooks another great room obviouslyaudiobooks I’m introducing audiobooks and ebooks into my contentcreation pro track it’s not currently in there but it is something that’scoming unusually very shortly currently it’s just kind of focus on podcasting andonline trends and nonsense like that on a number of sites but you don’t need theebooks of the audiobook modules but those will come soon okay and finallythis one isn’t gonna determine you any money immediately but I most recommend thatwhether you take any of these other ones you also implement this it’s learn newskills read new records make brand-new directions and watch informational videos okaywe all have extra time on our hands and you can make the decision on whatever it is you dowith that additional age right are you gonna sit in front of the Tv and watch anextra occurrence of Netflix or you know maybe start a new Amazon Prime videoseries or something like that freedom or a brand-new hullo series or are you gonna watcha couple movies right you have extra time are you guys gonna application it for leisureand amusement because hey you’re stuck on the couch because of thecoronavirus or you gonna utilize that time to sharpen your sword so to speaklearn brand-new sciences speak brand-new works watch new videos take new trends so that whenthis is all said and done when it’s all over with you’re a better and more readyperson and you’re ready to grasp whatever opportunity comes your direction sothose are eight channels that you can make money I picture I forgot to say thatthere’s also a free inquiry so I’ll just fling it in right now there’s also afree trial of online arbitrage pro 4.0 down in the description that’s the firstlink if you want to get in free 30 day trial if you like it stand if not cancelit’s a great way to learn how to sell things like I do on this canal okay soI hope that you like this guy’s I actually positioned a lot of thought into this I thinkthese are eight of the one thing that you can do with your time to make alittle bit of extra money now or rectified yourself up to clear great coin in thefuture I highly recommend that you take at least one of these and take action onit okay so that being said amend the video here make sure to give it a thumbsup if you increase the ethic in today’s video comment below let me knowwhat your favourite business framework is whether it’s one of these or a differentone only and why and I’ll see you in the next one

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